Mission Statement

The mission of MPS Arts is to ensure equity of access to quality arts education for every MPS student, every day. Through creating, performing and responding to the arts, MPS students achieve academic and artistic success while becoming engaged, empowered citizens.


We believe that the arts:

• Empower students to take ownership of their artistic identity
• Engage individuals in the greater community
• Serve as an essential means of communication
• Provide insight into cultures and societies
• Help close the achievement gap by building interdisciplinary relationships with academics

The MPS Arts Citizenship Pathway

Through a three-part “Arts Citizenship Pathway,” MPS Arts guarantees every MPS student high-quality arts instruction from K-12, an experience with professional artists every year, and access to arts extended learning opportunities during the school year and summer.

The district ensures that every K-5 program offers three forms and every 6-12 program offers four forms of art from licensed arts educators. Fine arts classroom instruction is held to the MN State Arts K-12 Standards and Focused Instruction (FI) curriculum developed by the MPS Arts Department.

Recognizing that fine arts classroom instruction in Minneapolis stretches from kindergarten to graduation, MPS is defining fine arts pathways between schools so that students’ arts experiences in the elementary can be continued in both middle school and high school.

The MPS Arts Department provides professional development opportunities, curricular and instructional resources, materials management, professional advocacy, and program support.

Every MPS student is guaranteed a professional arts experience at every grade level. These experiences both expose students to and integrate our arts-rich community into our schools. The content or model may vary at every school, from attending an orchestra concert or live theater performance to having a teaching artist residency in the school.

This part of the pathway connects arts with academic content while exposing students to the arts-rich community in which they live plus potential career opportunities.

To ensure that students have access to exceptional arts education experiences in any fine arts area, no matter what their school provides, MPS is expanding extended learning opportunities after school, on the weekends, and during calendared breaks.